fun facts about me

I am music obsessed. I know the lyrics to all songs no matter the genre, but I can't remember what I walked into the kitchen for.

I do not eat meat. I am a pescatarian, but that gets boring so I basically survive on green beans, rice, and cheese. I cannot deal with bacon, green peppers, or maple syrup.
No judgement

I am a hippie at heart. I hate wearing shoes. I love all things natural and organic. I could spend all day outdoors. Animals are my favorite. My style is eclectic. And Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal. 

I am extremely sarcastic. It is always in good fun. I love to make people laugh, and I don't take life too seriously.

I am a girl mom. They are 11 & 15. I am so proud of the young women that my girls are becoming.

I'm a Hoosier! We moved to UC 9 years ago, and we are not going anywhere. I don't know how people live where it is so cold they can't breath.

I opened my own natural skincare company 6 years ago. It's called The Oily Lady. All of my products are infused with essential oil and 100% natural. They are available for purchase at the salon.

Someone once said that your job as a hair stylist is to "do hair. Don't become friends with your clients. Don't get personal. This is a business." I don't believe in that and I think it is the worst advice ever. I love the relationships that I have built with my clients. They are like family to me. I am forever thankful for their support in my small business.

I wear a lot of hats, I know. As well as my salon and being a skincare business, I also design websites (like this one) for creatives. I mainly work with photographers, and I have dabbled in that for 8 years.

shop local

my heart

I have a huge love for all historic areas. I am a frequent flier to a variety or shops and restaurants here in downtown Monroe. I am excited for it’s ongoing transformation and wanted to be apart of it! I believe in “feeding your community” and supporting locally owned small businesses is important to me. So when the space became available and the opportunity presented itself, I dove in head first to make my salon my  dream come true. I am excited to offer a different kind of salon experience right here in downtown Monroe.